Alone Time – S7:E30 featuring Michaela Isizzu


Wondrous brunette Michaela Isizzu is prepared for a fine time on a lazy afternoon. She slips out of her halter top and spreads out on the carpet in her sheer panty and brassiere, and then takes her time liquidating even those smallish pieces of outfit. Her hands slide up and down her slick sun-kissed flesh as she slowly permits the anticipation to build.When she is bare, Michaela lodges on the couch and begins a slow but thorough exploration of her uber-cute landing disrobe cooch. Her fingers are delicate at first, just barely caressing her antsy bud, but her touches rapidly grow tighter as moisture builds along her bald cooch.Soon, the brown-haired is so wet that her frigs lightly slip along her rosy lips. Her caresses stay light and mild even after she leans forward with her sugary donk restrained high in the air. The willfull slow temptation is clearly working its magic as Michaela’s cooch fluid humid her entire cooter and her thighs pump with the delectation she is sensing.Turning onto her back, Michaela reaches one hand up to fondle her phat globes and resumes to work her needy bud with the other. Her entire body moves now as she continues to allow her sensation to build one smallish bit at a time. When she knows that she is close to the verge she rolls to the floor so that she is seated with her back propped against the ottoman. The slow temptation that has brought her to this precipice is deprived in favor of a stiff fast fuckbox massage that leaves Michaela moaning her elation and until an ejaculation heavy enough to knock her over pulses through her cum longing figure.

Date: July 21, 2019

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