Tastey Like Candy – S12:E17 featuring Aiko Mai and Angellina


For paramours Aiko Mai and Angellina it is playtime when Angellina applies flogged juices to Aiko’s body and then slowly and tenderly removes it with her tongue. With such sweet make-out, it’s no surprise when Angellina can’t wait to drop down to her belly and drown her face in Aiko’s luscious trimmed coochie.Using her endowed tongue to fumble Aiko’s mild bean, Angellina gracefully joys her lover with slow voluptuous gobbles. Once Aiko’s shaved muff has become sleek with her cooter splooge, Angellina uses two frigs to press deep inwards her lover’s steamy humidity and then finger smashes her to completion.Angellina isn’t done yet! While Aiko’s cootchie is still pulsing in rapture, the petite bombshell helps her lover up onto her arms and knees and then goes back to inserting her cascading sheath with her talented thumbs. Angellina’s magic fingers finally achieve their purpose when Aiko comes apart once again with a lengthy yell of completion.Now it’s Aiko’s turn to bring sensation to her paramour and she doesn’t hesitate to achieve her goal. With a rigid possessive smooch she guides Angellina down onto the sofa and then submerges her face in her girl’s vag. Aiko’s enthusiasm is evident as she uses hasty bobs of her head and long sweeps of her tongue to drive Angellina horny with eagerness.Now that she has warmed Angellina up, Aiko takes utter advantage of the dribbling creaminess between her pint sized lover’s legs and slips her frigs deep inside her warmth to embark a sensual assault on her shell. Rapid videos of Aiko’s wrist coupled with Angellina’s cooter rubdown rapidly make her spew out in throbbing enjoyment.Getting up on her mitts and knees, Angellina stretches her gams to expose her clean-shaven snatch for a 2nd chubby of explosive orgy. Aiko’s fingers jackhammer into Angellina’s blubbering pussy, bringing her off a 2nd time and leaving Angellina gagging but sated to finish their fuck-a-thon.

Date: July 20, 2019

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